I’m a senior journalism student at Loyola University Chicago focused on investigative and public affairs reporting. I’m a well-rounded reporter with experience in print and broadcast journalism and have covered a range of stories from local government and crime to immigration and police misconduct.


I have extensive reporting experience, from quick breaking news stories to months-long investigations. Comfortable working on a tight deadline and managing complex multimedia stories, making me a good fit for any newsroom.


Proficient with SQL for data analysis, OpenRefine for cleaning data and Python and Tabula for data scraping. Familiar with mapping software from custom Google Maps to Fusion Tables to ArcGIS, and can use data mapping to visualize stories and help inform traditional reporting.


Able to shoot and edit photos, videos and audio. Proficient with CMS systems, linear video and audio editing and using social media to track performance metrics.

Click here to download a copy of my resume.